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Automation - The collaboration between Human and the Machine

Written by: Homes Noble
Published on: 27 Nov 2017

By Ben Gilbert, Head of Manufacturing Practice & Rachel McGowan-Kemp, Head of Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement Practice. 

What does automation mean for the UK manufacturing, supply chain and logistics sector?

In July 2017, leaders in manufacturing, supply chain and logistics from some of the UK’s top businesses joined Ben Gilbert & Rachel McGowan-Kemp to discuss human and machine collaboration – both today and what automation means for the future.

In our new discussion document we address the impact on the industry of how humans and machines are collaborating. The paper outlines the thoughts, opinions and trends voiced by industry leaders in supply chain, manufacturing and logistics at the roundtable dinner.

Over the last twenty years, technology has rapidly altered the nature of industry. Many businesses have benefited from the intelligent partnership of humans and machines, improving both efficiency and quality. The future of manufacturing, logistics and supply chain operations is inextricably linked with this kind of technology. Businesses must learn to embrace it – not to thrive but just survive.

Click this link to download the full discussion paper: