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Don’t overlook remote onboarding if you are still working from home

Written by: Anne Corder recruitment
Published on: 4 Aug 2022


August 2022

Don’t overlook remote onboarding if you are still working from home

WITH the summer presenting a new start for graduates, temps or other job seekers – successful remote onboarding remains the key to showing your company in its best light.

Recent studies* reveal that 1.6 million people surveyed in the UK feel they have never been shown any appreciation at work.

And traits like micromanagement, lack of recognition and poor career development are having a negative impact on staff and their wellbeing, according to a another survey.

However, onboarding presents the ideal opportunity for employers to ensure the right message about their company, its culture and values are reaching new members of staff.

And this is even more important for businesses that continue to work from home or remotely – says Peterborough-based Anne Corder Recruitment.

Recruitment partner Judith Broughton said: “There is huge excitement from both parties once a position has been filled – from the candidate’s chance to prove just what they have to offer to the employer having filled the vacancy with someone capable and ready to rise to the challenge.

“However, and particularly with remote or home working, this early euphoria has the potential to wear off if the onboarding is limited to a group video call to introduce the team and a series of hand over notes.

“This approach hardly ever ends well. We know more than ever how much a company’s working environment can impact on employee wellbeing and engagement.

“Businesses have a duty of care to their employees; ensuring they feel comfortable to be their true selves in the workplace, challenge the norm, share ideas and seek support if they are struggling.

“Successful and effective onboarding should include all these elements as a matter of course, and above all it should be geared towards the individual rather than simply a tick box exercise.”

Some tips:

  • Create an onboarding checklist to ensure your new employee:

Understands their role and the expectations around it.

Gets involved in contributing to business goals.

Engages with the company’s values to feel part of the team.

Successfully passes probation.

  • Start the onboarding in plenty of time, give your new employee a laptop and invite them to familiarise themselves with your platforms, systems and channels.
  • On their first day, give them a warm welcome, spend valuable time with them and offer them a timetable of when they will have the opportunity to meet with colleagues.
  • Once the introductions are done, your new hire will want to hit the ground running so ensure you have a plan of action for them to work to – and encourage them to ask questions along the way.




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