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Great managers are key when it comes to retaining and attracting staff

Written by: Anne Corder Recruitment
Published on: 14 Sep 2022


September 2022

Great managers are key when it comes to retaining and attracting staff

GREAT managers are the key to unlocking workplace potential among their teams in the challenge to continue rebuilding internal trust and connections after the pandemic.

Leading development and coaching specialist Katy Walton says that there is still work to be done post-Covid if employers are to hang on to their good people. 

Being listened to, receiving feedback/support and feeling empowered rather than micromanaged are among the professional desires of many employees who are at risk of quitting their role due to a lack of adequate leadership, claims Katy.

Katy has once again teamed up with Peterborough-based Anne Corder Recruitment to deliver her message to HR professionals and line managers at a free, online lunch and learn session.

Next week’s (Sept 22) Building and Engagement Performance workshop has already attracted interest from professionals across the region.

As the face of Make Real Progress, Katy will share her structure for starting workplace conversations that will make a significant difference to both the engagement and performance of employees.

Managing director of Anne Corder Recruitment, Nel Woolcott said: “We know from speaking to employers and HR professionals that even before the pandemic, there was a lot of work to do with regards to ‘line managers’ being one of the most common reasons for people choosing to change roles.

“Through her expertise and in-depth knowledge of coaching and development, Katy’s workshops are always informative, relevant, enlightening and she is back with us by popular demand.”

Katy added: “During the pandemic, a lot of connection and trust was lost – either through lack of support and communication, or lack of flexibility and understanding.

“Post pandemic, we’ve seen a real shift in the expectations of employees and what they really want from their employers – and specifically their direct managers.

“They are more aware of the fact that it’s an employees’ market right now, and what caused low engagement and low performance prior to the pandemic is still the case. They now have even higher expectations that managers are getting the ‘basics’ right.”

Katy says the highest priorities for employees are that they:

  • Feel included and safe to speak up and contribute.
  • Know what it is that’s expected of them, and how they’ll be measured.
  • Get good guidance in the form of feedback and coaching.
  • Feel like they have opportunity to develop and grow in their roles.

“You only have to look at how busy recruiters are right now to know that people are likely to vote with their feet if they don’t get what they need.

“There are often some real basics to put  in to place to build both engagement and performance. At the core, it’s around having better communication and conversations which can not only build engagement and performance, but can also make the difference between your employees staying and leaving,” added Katy.

To join the conversation – there are a few places left on the free online Lunch and Learn session. Contact or for details of forthcoming events visit

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