Has working from home led to a business suit break up?

Written by: Anne Corder Recruitment
Published on: 20 Jul 2022


July 2022

Has working from home led to a business suit break up?

WHILE the UK’s extreme weather conditions have had most office workers reaching for the coolest thing in their wardrobe, what actually is the current working from home dress code?

For many, working remotely over the past couple of years has led to a business suit break up in favour of a cosier relationship with their comfy clothes.

The once popular Friday ‘dress down day’ has now spread across the working week, with many businesses and staff taking a much more relaxed approach to what is deemed to be appropriate office wear.

Peterborough-based Anne Corder Recruitment recently conducted its own online poll to find out whether the pandemic pyjama trend has gone out of fashion, and what’s now in working wear vogue.

Managing director Nel Woolcott said: “There is undoubtedly a more relaxed approach to the workplace dress code than there once was, with the pandemic possibly taking it from business suits to pyjamas almost overnight!

“The initial working from home and lockdown fatigue was a learning curve for many workers – unsure how to best represent themselves and their business.

“However, there seems to be a general feeling and mutual respect for people to make their own decisions not only about what they view is appropriate, but what makes them feel confident and comfortable in their daily role.”

The poll revealed that over half of respondents (52 per cent) now opt for a more casual look while working from home, while choosing to change into something more ‘business like’ if meeting with clients or customers.

Around a third (33 per cent) give themselves permission to wear whatever they want on any particular day, with just nine per cent and seven per cent respectively opting for comfortable clothes or smart office attire.

Nel added: “Not every day working from home is the same. Our outfit choices can reflect that, with different choices for days when we are on and off camera, and as we are currently experiencing – according to the weather. Choosing comfort based on the situation is the best option.”

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