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How be headhunted in 2016

Published on: 4 Jan 2016

How be headhunted in 2016 - You could be headhunted in 2016. Stephanie Sparrow reports

Being headhunted boosts self-esteem and career confidence as it indicates that you are already regarded as a credible candidate.

But how to get on the recruiters’ radar? Personnel Today can help get you noticed, and put you in reach of thousands of jobs, as sales manager Katie Sharman explains.

“We have more jobs than any other site”, says Sharman, “currently 1,800 roles are listed on the Personnel Today site, and we have the biggest market share of roles from direct advertisers and consultancies.”

Follow Sharman’s tips, below, to energise your search and put your name, and cv, in front of recruiters to encourage them to match you to their jobs as soon as possible.

Tailored opportunities

The first stage is to familiarise yourself with the site, and tailor your search. “I recommend to readers that they look through the jobs listed on the Personnel Today Jobs”, says Sharman.

“You can search by job title and location, and further target your searches by specifying contracted hours and job level. “

Speed is of the essence during a jobs search, and to make sure that you are the first to hear of jobs which match your criteria, you can create up to five email alerts, as Sharman explains.

“To make sure that you are alerted to any other suitable jobs added to the site, simply insert your email address in the space at the top of the screen.”

This ensures that readers get the latest jobs in the criteria they have specified as soon as they are advertised on the site.

Be discovered

Adding your career profile to the Personnel Today database makes it easier to attract recruiters’ attention—all you have to do is open an account.

“We currently have recruiters both from direct organisations, including the FTSE 100, and from consultancies, going on Personnel Today everyday to find emerging, proactive HR professionals”, says Sharman.

Don’t waste time and get left behind, click on the blue “open an account” button on the right hand side of the page.

“Currently 20,000 of your peers and the HR profession are using this service”, says Sharman.

Stay in the spotlight

When a CV is added or amended it goes to the top of the recruiters’ searches. It makes sense that they would look for good candidates by scouting for the most recently updated (as opposed to three-year old) CVs.

It is sensible to refresh your CV regularly (perhaps every two months) not only to stay on top of the pile but also to reflect the increasingly fast-paced nature of HR and its focus on business partnerships.

Other  benefits:

Get the e-newsletter

Holding a job-seeker account with Personnel Today brings other benefits too. These include jobs e-newsletters sent out twice a month with the latest and best jobs from Personnel Today, and editorial emails.

Use the Careers Hub

All jobseekers can consult The  Personnel Today Careers Hub which will give you lots of advice on how to position your skill set, and includes interviews with recruiters about the candidates they will be looking for in 2016.

Follow on social media

For further job listings, and to ensure that you hear about the latest job postings while you are on the go, follow Personnel Today Jobs Twitter page @HR_ jobs. Facebook hasn’t been forgotten either--keep an eye on your peers’ progress and pick up some advice by checking out the Career Coach’s problems and answers on the PersonnelTodayJobs Career Coach page.