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How to create a compelling vision

Written by: Anne Corder Recruitment
Published on: 26 Feb 2024

Anne Corder Virtual Events in March
7 March 24
10.30- 11.30 on MS Teams
How to create a compelling vision
Andy Nivesic One Degree

This session, with a new and recommended presenter - Andy Nisevic, Andy Nisevic | LinkedIn, the founder & Director of One Degree. Andy introduces how to create a vision that's a magnet for your ideal staff and clients, and compels your team to WANT to perform to their best. We'll explore:

  • Common mistakes.
  • Logical vs Emotional statements and how to avoid vague statements.
  • How to use your vision as a platform for a great culture.
  • How to create a meaningful purpose statement.
  • How to create values that inspire and a mission that motivates.

Andy believes that a compelling vision is the foundation of great leadership, and will share with you how to create your own.