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How engaging temporary staff could fill the skills gap during the pandemic

Published on: 4 Feb 2021

February 2021

How engaging temporary staff could fill the skills gap during the pandemic

AS businesses continue to find themselves in increasingly challenging positions, many may need a boost through additional and specific skills set.

However, with so many uncertainties due to the pandemic, they may be reluctant to invest in new permanent positions.

Some companies will have taken difficult decisions surrounding redundancy and furlough, alongside trying to maintain and complete time sensitive projects and productivity targets.

And it is during these crucial times at the start of 2021 that employers can move forward with a renewed look at how to engage temporary staff by simply reviewing their temp usage.

The advice comes from Peterborough-based recruitment firm Anne Corder Recruitment.

“Pre-pandemic, there was a suggestion among some business that temps were simply a solution to covering holiday, absence due to sickness or maternity leave,” said Judith Broughton, ACR specialist temporary recruiter.

“What we have seen from the first lockdown last spring is a surge in temporary staff engagement across the board. At the height of summer 2020 figures show there were 1.45 million temps working in the UK – a 4.1 per cent rise for the same time the previous year.

“However, we are seeing a shift towards employers’ search for skilled staff and a desire to move forward with areas of their business where there is a particular shortfall.

“Temps can provide the knowledge and skill set for specific roles and employers are in a perfect position to tap into a wealth of opportunity that can be provided through temporary staff.

Judith added: “The pandemic has arguably seen a shift in importance placed around engaging temporary staff; with the ongoing working from home situation giving increased flexibility to both employers and employees.

“The key advantage of temporary staff is flexibility. Temps can be utilised to cover a wide range of roles for anything from a few hours to several months – not to mention the benefits of bringing fresh ideas, new perspectives, strategic influence and appropriately in these current times, an extra resource.”  

By working with a trusted, expert recruitment company, employers can be sure they will be getting only the very best temporary staff for their business; through rigorous interviews and testing to find the perfect match.

“And in these ongoing times of working from home where wellbeing, comfort, health and safety are paramount, an employment business like ourselves can support temporary workers in creating an adequate and safe area to work. This includes conducting a virtual risk assessment in order to add value and promote best practice,” added Judith

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