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How much should Learning and Development and Talent Acquisition professionals be paid in the Thames Valley, M4 Corridor and Home Counties?

Written by: Frazer jones
Published on: 18 May 2021


Learning and Development salaries

We are slowly starting to see Learning and Development roles on the hiring agenda again. A Learning and Development Manager role can pay anything from around £40,000 to £80,000; is a huge bracket, but these roles can vary considerably and the salary is very dependent on the content of the role.

Talent Acquisition salaries

Recently, there's been a big uplift in the hiring of Talent and In-house recruitment professionals. The most frequent salary for a Talent Acquisition Manager in the Thames Valley, M4 and Home Counties area is around £50,000, but roles can command up to £65,000 depending on the remit and responsibilities.

A Head of Talent Acquisition role can start at a salary of around £65,000 and pay up to £95,000 depending on the sector, level of responsibility and size of business.

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