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Insights from 2020 roundtables

Written by: Frazer jones
Published on: 18 May 2021


2020 has been an unusual and demanding year, and none more so than within the world of Human Resources. As a globally connected HR specialist, we have been in a unique position to observe and hear about the challenges our clients have had to face from very early on in managing the vast and ever-changing demands of this crisis. For those who have worked through previous economic downturns, and particular the GFC, 2020 has had both similarities and striking differences. What has been very clear though has been that HR teams have had to think on their feet and adapt to what have often been daily changes, to keep pace with legislative, business and people needs.

Our mantra has always been to work closely with our clients through positive and challenging times, whether they need our assistance in finding the best HR talent in the market, or to help them with knowledge or expertise not readily available. Hence, we created our global HR networks and virtual roundtables to help fellow HR professionals solve problems, share insights and solutions. As the CPO, CHRO, HR Director or whatever title may apply, the most senior HR stakeholder in every business has had the unenviable and often lonely task of making the call on what to do for their people. Given our literally very isolated existence over the last few months, we have been able to bring together new and different HR networks across cities, countries and continents. 

The topics covered have ranged vastly, often from hugely practical, operational matters to much more strategic long-term decisions and have included:

  • Office closure and opening
  • Technology provision
  • Global mobility
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Health & well being
  • Digital HR transformation
  • Engagement & retention
  • Talent management and future workforce planning
  • Agility in a post-COVID world

Throughout these events, we have learned and gained great insight into how HR teams have dealt with the never-ending demands the crisis has thrown at them. We hope that by facilitating these conversations we have been able to offer support in these challenging times, and we look forward to working with our clients across the world in more positive months and years ahead of us. Whilst the future is unknown what is consistent is that globally, across Frazer Jones, we see 2021 having a great opportunity. If you would like to hear more about or take part of our virtual roundtables, please contact me.

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