Meet the Boss: Hampshire County Council

Written by: Hampshire County Council
Published on: 22 Jun 2015

Hampshire CC

Head HR and Workforce Development; Hampshire County Council, Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services.

What does your current role involve?

My team provide HR services to 67,000 staff across the partnership. I business partner the three organisations; identifying and delivering the critical ‘people priorities’ that will achieve greatest performance. In my privileged position I can more easily spot the synergies across the partnership and honour the deeply valued differences which enable us to provide an optimum HR & OD service.

What key HR initiatives are you working on?

Workforce redesign across health & Local Government.

Leadership development aligned to the changing context of public services.

Engendering a stronger performance culture across the partnership including talent management and career matrices.

Developing the behaviours required of a digital organisation.

What are the challenges?

The pace and complexity of change.

How have you overcome them?

We have a phenomenal team which we continue to develop and the calibre of people is high.

What is your favourite thing about working for the County Council, Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services?

The opportunities to make a positive difference.

What have you learnt from working at Hampshire County Council, Constabulary & Fire & Rescue Services?

I feel extremely privileged to work with my colleagues across the three partners organisations. I’ve learned to become braver in leading the team and organisations to deliver amazing results.

Why is working for the Hampshire County Council HR team such a good opportunity?

If you are someone who wants to put HR on the map and make a positive difference then working in Hampshire’s partnership, leading workforce transformation in the context of public sector reform is one the most fulfilling HR & OD roles you can have. EVERY DAY is a LEARNING DAY.