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Only a third of office staff are looking for booze and a boogie this Christmas

Written by: Anne Corder Recruitment
Published on: 24 Nov 2021


November 2021

Only a third of office staff are looking for booze and a boogie this Christmas

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IT’S almost that time of year again – and after Christmas parties were cancelled last year – what are office workers looking forward to most as the festive shindig is re-instated?

A poll by Peterborough-based recruitment firm Anne Corder Recruitment has revealed some interesting thoughts on what people want from a ‘work do’ this Christmas; and some take the fizz out of the traditional office party night.

Only 38 per cent of those responding to a LinkedIn survey favoured free flowing drinks and a dance floor to strut their stuff on as their preferred party option – with the same number (38 per cent) asking the office Santa to deliver a team building activity (perhaps a visit to an escape room or other problem-solving task, scavenger hunts or team cooking challenges.)

Only eight per cent of people would be interested in learning a new skill with colleagues as a festive treat while 15 per cent said ‘Bah humbug’ to any kind of event or get together at all.

Managing director Nel Woolcott said: “Go back only a few years and an all-expenses paid party night with free-flowing drink and a packed dance floor would have been the route for many employers and their team – hotel venues packed with tables of corporate party-goers.

“However, with Christmas parties pretty much cancelled last year, many employers have been running staff-friendly events throughout the year which may have left many feeling that time eating and drinking could be better spent doing something a little more creative – or indeed, nothing at all.”

Nel added: “We should also take into account that it has been a while since teams last got together, and this can have an effect on communication or morale as many of us have ‘got out of the habit’ of seeing colleagues regularly in an office environment.

“With so many people working from home, teams and colleagues perhaps no longer feel the need to mark Christmas as a time to get together to let their hair down or enjoy each other’s company, making more of an effort to socialise as a result of the many challenges of the past 18 months.

“However employers decide to mark the occasion, it is important to remember that boosting engagement and camaraderie at Christmas or at any time of the year can help to rebuild workplace relationships.”

Pic cap: Our survey says … only one in four people favour a ‘traditional’ office party this Christmas.

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