Published on: 13 Sep 2019


On 18th-19th November at IET Savoy Place in Central London, the best of HR & Technology will come together to discuss business transformation with a focus around 'Delivering Through Uncertainty'.

With a roster of world-class speakers including Syreeta Brown (Managing Director, Global Head of Talent Acquisition Strategy & Programs at Citigroup), Valerie Hughes D'Aeth (Chief Human Resources Officer at the BBC), Jamie Crummie (Co-Founder at Too Good To Go), Bruce Daisley (EMEA VP at Twitter), Maria Jacobsson (Head of Telecom Core & Cloud, Sweden at Ericsson) and many more, you won't want to miss out, but conferences can be costly and getting the time off work can be difficult...

In the fast-moving, ever-changing world we work in staying on top of business trends and the newest ways of working can be difficult, yet not keeping up-to-date can be detrimental for your business. So, what are the benefits of attending a conference to learn and is it more beneficial than in-office training?

  • A variety of topics, opinions and answers in one place - The wide range of topics that you get at a conference, can provide a level of insight into areas that you never considered before, potentially opening your ways of thinking to more creative and innovative solutions to normal.
  • Learn from people that have actually 'walked the walk' - Conferences provide you with the opportunity to learn how people have dealt in a certain situation (successfully or unsuccessfully) and to find ways of associating that with your organisation. 
  • Gain a wider overview - Training and organisation structure tends to lend itself to keeping us siloed, meaning that we don't necessarily understand how other parts of the organisation work. A conference provides points of view and examples of the processes within various other parts of the organisation, which will give you a more general overview of how the organisation tackles problems. This overview may change your approach to problems within the organisation. 
  • Networking can provide new answers to old questions - Often many organisations can get stuck in their ways and conferences provide the opportunity to network with a plethora of people from different industries, organisations and functions, which can widen your horizons and approach to business.

Conferences provide a different type of more 'hands-on' learning than typical training that organisations offer, making it more interactive and providing examples that resonate with our working environment. If you're new to a situation, position or industry, a conference could be the perfect way to learn, network and develop your skills.

If formal training doesn't work for you, or you'd like to learn from people directly on how they dealt with a situation, then clear your diary on Monday 18th - Tuesday 19th November and get your tickets to our Excellence in Leadership conference in London, focusing on "Delivering Through Uncertainty". Our speakers are covering a wide variety of topics including "Uncertainty: The Impact on Businesses & Politics""Readying our People for the Future in a VUCA World""Thriving Through Uncertainty: The Neuroscience of Change & Leadership""Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times" and many more.

If you're interested in attending EiL 2019 as a team, please contact for more information and pricing.