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The Future of Work with Global HR Change Leader Suzanne Drost

Written by: Frazer jones
Published on: 15 Oct 2021

The Future of Work with Global HR

On Wednesday 30 June 2021 Frazer Jones UK hosted a webinar on The Future of Work,  with Global HR Change Leader Suzanne Drost. Working with Danone, and drawing on lessons and experiences from the last year, Suzanne has created the Future of Work Model.  During the webinar, Suzanne presented the model in detail, including the theories and trends that have helped to shape the model. 

Suzanne discussed the 4 key aspects of the Future of Work Model: the emotional workplace, the physical workspace, the technological workspace and a purposeful workplace. She expressed the importance of a ‘bottom up’ approach to the future of work and the need to consider the preferences of different ‘worker types’, to ensure that you create collaborative principles and policies. Suzanne also shared a collection of ideas, tools, and tips to assist HR professionals and companies when implementing a new working model. Most importantly Suzanne highlighted that a shift in the future of work will not be a quick fix, but a change in the culture for companies.

We are very grateful to Suzanne for sharing her knowledge and expertise on this very topical subject. You can watch the full webinar below. You can also find a copy of the PowerPoint presentation here. 

What is your view on the most recent Future of Work trends? Have you experienced similar challenges? Feel free to reach out to our HR consultant team,  we are very keen to hear about your thoughts and insights and are very much looking forward to welcome you at one of our next HR events. 


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