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The M word – and how to tackle the hot topic in the workplace

Published on: 21 Jun 2021


June 2021

The M word – and how to tackle the hot topic in the workplace

WHEN it comes to subjects to shy away from in the office or workplace – the menopause will more than likely be at the top of the list for many.

Conversations about hot flushes, sleep deprivation and anxiety attacks, some of the symptoms associated with the condition, are difficult and embarrassing; and as such makes the menopause a taboo subject between employer and staff.

Menopause is a hot topic, and many professional women are now suffering in silence due to home working. Peterborough-based recruitment firm Anne Corder Recruitment is leading the  call locally for a better understanding and management of menopause in the workplace.

Anne Corder said: “For many women in the workplace impacted by the effects and symptoms of the menopause, it can be a lonely and embarrassing time in their life. Not everyone wants to share their feelings of anxiety over meeting a new client or talk about the hot flushes felt while presenting to members of the company board.

“However, these can be real scenarios which many women find it difficult to talk about, for fear of being ridiculed or not taken seriously.

“While every workplace has to recognise and act upon the legal rights of women in pregnancy, the menopause is a seldom-discussed workplace matter, and yet it’s something that affects hundreds of thousands of women every year.”

Menopause typically affects those aged between 45 and 55. Recent studies show that the 50-60 age bracket of those in employment is the fastest growing age group, in part a result of the trend towards an ageing population. 

Research has also shown that lack of sleep and other symptoms can also lead to sickness and absenteeism, impacting not only on the individual, but the company as a whole.

Anne added: “Employers can take steps to ensure that women going through the menopause continue to feel valued and supported.

“After all, many of these members of staff may have been with the company for many years. We would really encourage line managers to keep the lines of communication open and empathise with what is effectively a health condition.”

Anne Corder Recruitment is giving employers the opportunity to find out more about the effects of menopause in the workplace and the potential impact on their business, by hosting an online workshop on Thursday July 8 from 10.30-11.30am.

Menopause at Work specialist Bev Thorogood will be leading the discussion and dispelling some myths around the menopause.

Bev said: “Menopause is a ‘hot’ topic right now, with many forward-thinking employers recognising the impact of menopause on all areas of business.

“Line managers need to feel confident to have supportive conversations with the people who work for them.  They need to know where to go for help and what they can realistically do to help.

“Women and non-binary employees need to feel supported and able to seek the help they need to continue to perform at their best as they go through their menopause transition.

The session will be defining what menopause is, and what it is not;  breaking some myths and helping attendees to understand some of the difficulties working women and non-binary employees face due to the impact of menopause related symptoms.

Bev added: “I will also share what HR can do to help, where menopause sits in terms of employment law and how businesses can support their managers to confidently deal with performance related issues that may arise as a result of menopause.”

Places are limited – please contact us 01733 235298 or for further information.


Tackling the hot topic of menopause in the workplace – recruitment firm Anne Corder Recruitment is hosting an online workshop for employers.

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