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Understanding reward & retention challenges in 2024 with Paydata and ACR

Written by: Anne Corder Recruitment
Published on: 26 Feb 2024

19 March 24
10.00-11.30 on Teams
Understanding reward & retention challenges in 2024 with Paydata and ACR

Presenters: Tim Kellett – reward expert with Paydata - Tim Kellett | LinkedIn and our very own Nel Woolcott – recruitment specialist 

  • First 60 minutes to be focused on the webinar/Q&A
  • Latter 30 minutes to be an optional discussion session

2023 proved to be another challenging year for both employers and employees alike – the ongoing impact of the cost-of-living crisis, alongside inflationary pressures, saw the highest pay awards implemented in more than 10 years. So, what does 2024 have in store? Whilst many employers report persistent pressure from employees to maintain a similar level of award this year, there are concerns around the affordability of doing so and the impact on recruitment and retention of not.
In this session Anne Corder’s recruitment specialist Nel Woolcott and Paydata’s pay and reward expert Tim Kellett, will share their insights into what the year ahead has in store for employers, alongside strategies for overcoming key challenges. Prior to the session, please complete this short pulse survey which will enable us to gather feedback from local employers, the results of which will be shared as part of the session:

  • Exploring 2023 pay trends, alongside pay review predictions for 2024 – at both a local and national level
  • Balancing employer affordability against employee needs, including strategies for supporting employees
  • Recruitment and retention trends, including labour turnover rates and expectations for the year ahead
  • Strategies and solutions for overcoming recruitment and retention challenges