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  • The New World of Work

    • 22 Feb 2018
    • Hudson

    Many organisations are radically rethinking their entire approaches to organisational structure, leadership and people management to take account of the very different expectations of five generations in the workplace.

  • Salary and Benefits Guide - 2018

    • 16 Feb 2018
    • Ashley Kate HR

    Ashley Kate HR are delighted to launch their 2017 – 2018 HR Salary and Benefits Guide.

  • IHRE18 @ Olympia, London is coming. Year4!

    • 25 Jan 2018

    We’re counting down to the In-House Recruitment Expo, which takes place at Olympia on 27th & 28th February.

  • Healthy Profits

    • 8 Dec 2017
    • Health & Safety Executive

    Following best practice in occupational health has wider business benefits, evidence from HSE shows.

  • Automation - The collaboration between Human and the Machine

    • 27 Nov 2017
    • Homes Noble

    In July 2017, leaders in manufacturing, supply chain and logistics from some of the UK’s top businesses joined Ben Gilbert & Rachel McGowan-Kemp to discuss human and machine collaboration – both today and what automation means for the future.

  • ITV Anglia works with Pure to record major news feature on Women in Leadership

    • 1 Nov 2017
    • Pure Resourcing For more information on the Women’s Leadership Programme please visit

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace by Martin Blackburn

    • 27 Sep 2017
    • Annapurna HR

    Martin Blackburn (UK People Director at KPMG) introduces the first in a 4 part series about Diversity and Inclusion by looking at the influence of D&I in the workplace.

  • 2018 In House Recruitment Expo London

    • 15 Sep 2017

    27-28 February 2018 - Register for free now!

  • The Reward profession: A survey on female representation and attitude to flexible working

    • 14 Aug 2017
    • Oakleaf Partnership Limited

    We decided to conduct a confidential survey to address some of the questions surrounding female representation in Reward/HR professions and attitudes to flexible working.

  • Victory Through Organisation with Professor Dave Ulrich

    • 20 Jul 2017
    • Annapurna HR

    In this exclusive video with the BTN, HR guru, Professor Dave Ulrich, speaks about his new book, 'Victory Through Organisation'.

  • How to hire a great Reward professional

    • 26 May 2017
    • Oakleaf Partnership Limited

    Oakleaf’s Associate Partner Jamie Newton discusses 4 major points for clients to consider before hiring a Reward candidate.

  • Health and Safety Executive

    • 23 May 2017

    What it's like to work for the Health and Safety Executive.

  • Oakleaf Partnership - This is us.

    • 15 May 2017
    • Oakleaf Partnership

    Richard Colgan, Founder & CEO, introduces Oakleaf Partnership.

  • Occupational Health and Medical Workforce in Crisis?

    • 8 May 2017
    • Occupational Health Staffing

    Occupational Health Staffing, one of the leading Occupational Health solutions providers, look at the issues currently affecting the industry.

  • Seven ways to accelerate your HR career

    • 1 May 2017
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    Have you got what it takes to rise to the top? Stephanie Sparrow asked the experts for tips on HR career progression.

  • Just over 2 weeks to go to In House Recruitment Expo 2017! Register today!

    • 6 Feb 2017

    It’s almost time for the 3rd In-House Recruitment Expo, which takes place at Olympia on 21st & 22nd February. This year’s event sees some of the biggest names in recruitment technology exhibiting...

  • Is your personal brand relevant in 2017?

    • 3 Feb 2017

    Self-marketing is key to sustaining your HR career. From how you come across in meetings, or employee communications, to performing in job interviews and having an appropriate professional profile on social media, who you and others think you are is integral to career success...

  • Seven signs you need to change your job in 2017

    • 3 Feb 2017

    The concept of “a job for life”, was buried long ago, and few of us feel compelled to stay in a role which no longer matches our expectations. According to a 2016 Gallup Poll, the idea of “flight” is especially embraced by millennials (those born between 1980 and 1996) who are more likely than most to seek new jobs...

  • Where to find HR jobs in 2017

    • 3 Feb 2017

    Get your job applications into shape with these expert predictions about the skills and attributes in demand in the year ahead. Stephanie Sparrow reports

  • Seven essential HR skills

    • 5 Jan 2017

    Do you know how you measure up against your peers? Job candidates who perhaps haven’t looked for a new role for a while can feel that they lack understanding of where they fit, or how to benchmark themselves against others.