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  • Approaching the subject of a pay rise is never easy to do and, if done badly, can lead to tense relationships in the future. However, if you approach it in the right way you can get the remuneration you deserve.
  • The average HR professional might not be at the same level of national focus as footballers or comedians, but the high-profile outbursts celebrities are prone to on the microblogging site Twitter are a cautionary tale for anyone operating online.
  • Companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing social media and many use it to scout for - and hire – new employees. Read the low-down on three, must-have channels for job hunters.

  • Preparing for an interview can take as much time and research as the initial stages of applying for a job, but how far should those preparations extend?

  • Graduate opportunities have managed withstand the downturn over the last few years, with organisations offering both specific graduate programmes and a steady stream of entry level positions to enable graduates to get a foothold in HR.

  • The classic route to HR director level takes five career steps over a period of 20 years, according to CIPD research, but that's where the formula ends. Those who have reached the top in HR say that it's as much about authenticity and curiosity, and being aware of your transferable skills, as it ...
  • HR professionals have to think in terms of future-proofing their careers, not just by honing the skills that they think will keep them marketable, but also by understanding how their organisation and sector may change over the next decade. With these tensions in mind, we present 10 tops tips for future-proofing your career.