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  • Private or Public Sector - Which Is Right For You?

    • 22 Sep 2014
    • John Eccleston

    Currently, the main distinction between the two sectors is that the private sector is largely looking to grow again as the economy makes its way out of recession, but which sector is right for you?

  • “Rubbish Recruiters Say?”

    • 8 Sep 2014
    • Ashley Kate HR

  • Feedback Failures

    • 1 Sep 2014
    • Ashley Kate HR

    Gaining detailed feedback we all know is tough, we are not asking for a chapter and verse overview on each performance, but here are some tips on what to focus on and what to avoid.

  • Moving Jobs

    • 18 Aug 2014
    • Morgan Hunt

    How do you make the decision to jump? 10 things to know that you are making the right decision.

  • How to get your First Job in HR

    • 30 Jun 2014
    • John Eccleston

  • How To Write A Good CV

    • 29 May 2014
    • Ashley Kate HR

    CV advice from Ashley Kate HR - How to Write a Good CV

  • How To Prepare For An Interview

    • 12 May 2014
    • John Eccleston

  • Interview questions: Time for a shake up!

    • 31 Mar 2014

    Failing to rethink your interview questions is a serious oversight that leaves a weak link in your recruitment strategy.

  • A Rewarding Career

    A Rewarding Career

    • 23 Oct 2013
    • Lauren Palmer, Williams Kent

    The Reward team are the ones who give us that pay day feeling, the well-deserved Christmas bonus and all the other little perks. With the right compensation and benefits scheme, employees will be motivated and will sustain a high level of performance but why is reward important and what does it take to be a Reward Specialist?

  • Five HR skills to get you noticed

    • 24 Sep 2013

    Ambition is back in fashion. After five years of recession-induced reticence, HR professionals are fired up to apply for the bigger roles and new opportunities which the brighter economic outlook promises.

  • Preparing for an interview

    • 21 Oct 2011
    • Stephanie Sparrow

    Preparing for an interview can take as much time and research as the initial stages of applying for a job, but how far should those preparations extend?