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  • JANUARY 2024 - Hello to our HR / People world.

    • 23 Jan 2024
    • Henlee Resourcing

    2023 was a funny old year wasn’t it??!! An unpredictable roller coaster, to say the very least.

  • Economic recession offers opportunity for HR to shine bright

    • 2 Nov 2022
    • Ashley Kate HR

    According to research from Personio, more than 50% of HR teams across the UK are expecting to see cuts to their budgets going into 2023.

  • How can employers embrace the new working challenges of 2022?

    • 23 Dec 2021
    • Nel Woolcott Anne Corder Recruitment

  • Insights from 2020 roundtables

    • 18 May 2021
    • Frazer jones

    2020 has been an unusual and demanding year, and none more so than within the world of Human Resources.

  • HR trends and priorities for 2021

    • 18 May 2021
    • Frazer jones

    HR trends and priorities for 2021

  • Industry standards clean sheet for recruiter despite pandemic challenges

    • 14 May 2021
    • Anne Corder

    Industry standards clean sheet for recruiter despite pandemic challenges

  • Summer HR Directors Boardroom Event

    • 28 Apr 2021
    • Ashley Kate

    Summer HR Directors Boardroom Event

  • The Truth About Talent Pooling

    • 26 Jan 2021
    • Richard Colgan, CEO - Oakleaf

    Richard Colgan, CEO shares his view on the truth about COVID talent pooling, and Oakleaf's approach...

  • How to make the right start in HR

    • 7 Nov 2016

    Employment specialists agree that even in this uncertain world, opportunities abound for an HR career.

  • Choosing the best candidate for the job

    • 12 Nov 2015

    There is much more involved in the recruitment process other than just going through CVs and conducting interviews. In fact, it can be a daunting task due to the large amount of CVs that are received on any given day.

  • How to get into HR

    • 25 Aug 2015

    Finding recruitment for your first HR role is not really any different than landing a first job in any other field, with a tried and trusted set of tasks which must be completed to give yourself every chance of being successful.

  • How graduates can make themselves workplace ready and employable

    • 7 Sep 2021

    A RECENT study has revealed that half of university students feel unprepared for employment...

  • What qualifications do you need for an HR Career?

    • 10 Aug 2018

    Whether you're looking to start your career in HR or advance further, find out the qualifications you'll need and others that are available to help you progress.

  • Video Calling - The Recipe to Success

    • 20 Oct 2014
    • Ashley Kate HR

    Video calling has most certainly become a firm fixture in most recruitment processes, cutting down on travelling and ensuring consultants can now have virtual face to face preliminary interviews with their prospective candidates.

  • Private or Public Sector - Which Is Right For You?

    • 22 Sep 2014
    • John Eccleston

    Currently, the main distinction between the two sectors is that the private sector is largely looking to grow again as the economy makes its way out of recession, but which sector is right for you?

  • How to get your First Job in HR

    • 30 Jun 2014
    • John Eccleston