Our aim is to transform finance to make sustainable business, business as usual.
Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) was established by HM King Charles III in 2004, when he was The Prince of Wales, “to help ensure that we are not battling to meet 21st century challenges with, at best, 20th century decision making and reporting systems.”


A4S aims to inspire action by finance leaders to drive a fundamental shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy. To do this, A4S has three core aims that underpin everything we do:
•        Inspire finance leaders to adopt sustainable and resilient business models
•        Transform financial decision making to enable an integrated approach, reflective of the opportunities and risks posed by environmental and social issues
•        Scale up action across the global finance and accounting community


The financial and accounting systems that underpin our economy focus on short term financial outcomes and do not adequately reflect the dependency of our economic success on the health and stability of our communities and the natural environment.
Companies, investors and governments are recognizing that long term sustainable performance relies on an understanding of the interdependency between financial, social and environmental factors. Action and leadership is needed to drive change so that sustainability becomes embedded in organizations’ strategy, operations and reporting.

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