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Fantastic Academy

07480 048 820
98 Tooley St

Fantastic Academy is a platform where can be found online courses for starting and growing a business in the United Kingdom. We have options for cleaners, packers, handyman, gardeners and so on. Our courses are suitable for businesses and individuals. 

Each course comes in two packages - Silver and Gold. These two differ in the topics that include. The Silver Training Package is ideal for individuals who are looking to become certified and professional cleaners and for companies who are looking to improve the quality of their services and expand. That training gives basic know-how on the cleaning, gardening, moving industry and how to provide the service properly. Here you will see the main aspects of dealing with customers and preventing damages. When you finish the class you will receive a certificate.

The Gold Training Package is prepared to meet the expectations and preferences of those who want to start their own business or to grow an existing one. That training will give you access to target and advanced learning materials for starting a business and running it. Some of the main topics are establishing a company, creating a brand and developing it, writing and executing a marketing plan and so on. 

You can find detailed information about each course we offer on our website. If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email or phone. You can call us on  07480 048 820.

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